professional tax payment (PTEC and PTRC)

The online payment method, based on the policies and the website of your government, is different from one country to the next since professional taxes are paid to the state. You may, however, anticipate receiving the information and have the same procedure. Consult the professional tax payment method for Maharashtra for an idea of how professional tax should be paid.

Maharashtra state professional tax payment (PTEC and PTRC)

Professional tax payment, professional tax payment challan

The Mahavat website ( makes it easy to pay professional tax in Maharashtra. Indeed, e-payment is needed for people who pay monthly. You have the right to pay and file monthly returns if your tax due exceeds Rs. 50,000 for the year. This has to be done before the end of the next month. You might expect less than 50,000 Rs until the end of the month. Here is the website of Maharashtra state professional tax payment click here.

Here is the step by step guide on making professional tax online payment in Maharashtra

professional tax payment (PTEC and PTRC)

  1. Click the Professional tax registration certificate (PTRC) or the Professional Tax registration certificate e-payment (PTEC) link just at the Mahavat website (PTEC).
  2. Once signed with your TIN, select e-payment. Form no. 6 must be shown in MTR Challan.
  3. The TIN and the merchant name are provided by default.
  4. Select the e-payment type (PTEC, PTRC, etc.), time of payment, the amount paid, and place where the payment was made. Please note that each field must be filled out for the form to be approved, too.
  5. PTEC holders should use Form ID ‘VIII’ to pay their taxes. From the adjacent drop-down box choose the ‘Other’ and the applicable comment.
  6. The government application number or GRN is obtained after submitting the form. Click Pay to complete the purchase.
  7. Keep a receipt of payment since it is proof to the government of payment.

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